The Ski Lodge Murder

The Ski Lodge Murder

  • Players: 8-11
  • Required Characters: 2 Male   4 Female   2 Any Gender
  • Optional Characters: 3 Any Gender
  • Theme: Jealousy, Soap Opera, Betrayal, Family Feud
  • Type: Mix & Mingle Mysteries
The Drachma family and some of their staff are enjoying a short skiing holiday at their private ski lodge.

Everyone spent most of yesterday skiing. Everyone, that is, except Casey Joint, the chaffeur and helicopter pilot, who returned to the city to run errands for Rich Drachma Senior, the head of the Drachma family. Casey returned in the afternoon with Miss Filed, Rich Drachma's Personal Assistant, in tow. She had some important papers that Rich needed to see.

The evening was spent drinking and talking before everyone went to bed.

Everyone got up late this morning and were supposed to go skiing, but were waiting for Rich Drachma Senior to appear. By afternoon it was clear the Rich Drachma Snr was missing. Where is he and what has happened to him?

Complete Character List

Listing for maximum number of players in alphabetical order. There are 8 required characters and 3 optional characters.

Optional characters can be used in any combination.


Bill Board

Bill works for the Drachm's as the Head of Marketing. He is always sharply dressed to project a professional image of the company.

Rich Drachma Jnr

A bit of a spoilt brat, and used to getting his own least most of the time. Rich is always ready to show off his money and he likes sharp suits.

Bessie Mate

Lotta Drachma's best friend. Bessie always tries to out-do Lotta. She can be very outrageous and her clothes are always overdone with clashing colours and styles.

Miss Filed

The Personal Assistant to the deceased. Miss Filed is never without her notebook, organiser or clipboard, so she knows exactly what her boss is doing next.

Minnie Drachma

The eldest of the Drachma children. Minnie Drachma is the Vice-President of the company her father ran. Always hungry for power Minnie power-dresses to show everyone that she is in charge.

Lotta Drachma

The wife of the deceased, and now head of the Drachma family. Lotta always looks like she's just walked out of a fashion magazine, even when skiing.

Francis Disway

With ski's, goggles and woolly hat, there is no mistaking the fact that Francis knows all about skiing. Francis has been hired by the Drachma's to find the best skiing for their holiday in the mountains.

Dusty Bin

Dusty is on hand with polish and dusters to ensure the lodge is looking it's best for the family and their guests. Dressed in overalls or apron, Dusty is ready for any cleaning emergency.

Devon Cream

The Drachma family's Chef. You often travel with the family and prepare all their food, even snacks. You are always in your chef's whites and prepared to whip up a batch of anything.

Casey Joint

The chauffeur and helicopter pilot for the Drachma family. Casey is always ready to take the family wherever they want to go in the world, whether by land or air.

Shay Lounge

The lodge caretaker. Shay lives all year round at the Drachma's ski lodge and thinks of it as their home, rather than the Drachma's. Shay is either dressed casually, or in an overall.

How To Play A Mix & Mingle Murder Mystery

Our mix & mingle party games are designed to be played by the combination of players listed on the game. Some require a specific number of male and female players, some have interchangeable players. There is also a minimum and maximum number of players listed for each game, but you can use the same version of game for any number of players. This gives you maximum flexibility when choosing your game and guest list.

What Is Included In Your Download

Your download should include a ZIP file with which once un-zipped you should have the following folders and files.

  • Character Sheets/booklets
  • Confessions
  • Solution
  • Instructions
  • Player Rules
  • Invitations
  • Nametags
  • Scavenger Objects

How To Use The Game

Produce Invitations

Within the files downloaded is the 'Invitation' for you to print out and send to your guests. The invitation is double sided giving the information need for those participating in the game before they arrive. Once printed all you need to do is put the guests name on the front, and indicate which character they are playing, that way if they choose to dress up for the event they know what to look out for in the way of costume. (Please be aware that this file shows the invitation in Landscape view – you need to adjust your print settings accordingly).

Character Sheets

The Character Script pages are designed for double side printing, and should be printed then folded. If your printer does not have the facility to double side print, just print the 'even' pages and this will give your what you need, fold these in half and write the character name and round number on each.


The Confessions are for the guest (or guests) that ultimately get arrested at the end of the game. The confessions explain if they actually committed the crime or not. If they did not commit the crime the confession does not give the solution. These should be printed out and folded as the Character Scripts.

The Solution

The Solution is similar to the Confessions except that it gives the name of the Guilty Party at the top, so take care when printing this so you don't see who did it too early.

Scavenger Hunt

The Mix & Mingle Mysteries include an optional scavenger hunt which can reveal additional clues and 2 weapons that players can use once against each other. If you use these weapons then you can also try to solve those murders as well, even though they don't directly affect the main story. The Scavenger Hunt takes place just before Round 3. Any murdered players can continue to ask questions as an "Investigator" but can not answer questions about their former character.

Making The Most Of Your Theme

Where and how you run your game can make a real difference to its feel. All the mix & mingle games are set at some type of party, usually with a buffet, but decorating your house or garden to match the setting can be fun and add to the atmosphere. Each Mix & Mingle Murder/Mystery has it's own Pinterest page with ideas and suggestions to help you with food and decoration.

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