How To Play A Mix & Mingle Murder Mystery

How To Choose A Mix & Mingle Murder Mystery Game

Our mix & mingle party games are designed to be played by a variable number of people listed on the game (usually a minimum of 8). Some require a specific number of male and female players, some have interchangeable players, but all the optional characters are included in the game and can be used in any order or combination giving you maximum flexibility in your guest list. When considering what game to buy you should think about who you want to play with you.

Once you have chosen a game, simply click to buy it and then download.

What Is Included In Your Download

Your download should include a ZIP file which, once un-zipped, should have the following folders and files.

  • Character Scripts
  • Confessions Scripts
  • The Solution
  • Instructions
  • Scavenger Hunt items, weapons and clues
  • Invitations

How To Use The Game

Produce Invitations

Within the files downloaded is the 'Invitation' for you to print out and send to your guests. The invitation is double sided giving the information needed for those participating in the game before they arrive. Once printed all you need to do is put the guests name on the front, and indicate which character they are playing, that way if they choose to dress up for the event they know what to look out for in the way of costume. (Please be aware that this file shows the invitation in Landscape view – you need to adjust your print settings accordingly).

Character Sheets/Booklets

The Character Script pages are designed for double side printing, and should be printed then folded. If your printer does not have the facility to double side print, just print the 'even' pages and this will give your what you need, fold these in half and write the character name and round number on each.

Scavenger Hunt

Mix & Mingle Mysteries include an optional scavenger hunt where extra clues can be found, weapons that can be used against other characters, and other objects which may or may not be useful.


When a guest had been accused of the crime they can read out their confession. This will explain whether they did or did not commit the crime and why.

The Solution

At the very end of the Guilty Party has not been caught, then the solution can be read out to explain what has happened..

Making The Most Of Your Theme

Where and how you run your game can make a real difference to its feel. Is the game best played in an outdoor setting or inside. Would music help the atmosphere of sound effects of a storm? Would a poster over the window help the setting i.e. snow covered mountains if you are in a ski lodge. Small alterations to your home or setting can make all the difference to the game. The main things with a mix & mingle mystery is to have spaces that people can talk privately if they want to.

Specific Suggestions For Each Game

Just in case you are at a loss we have included links to various Pinterest boards that we have set up to help give you ideas for food and decoration for your party.