The Haunting Of Myddlemoor Abbey

The Haunting Of Myddlemoor Abbey

  • Players: 6-10
  • Theme: 1920's / 1930's, Halloween
  • Type: Dinner Party Games
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It is the 1920's and nobody in living memory who has ever known Myddlemoor Abbey as anything other than a ruin. The only building in the former grounds of the Abbey is the Abbott's house, which has been lived in ever since the Abbey closed.

Aubrey Smyth is a new-comer to Myddlemoor and took a fancy to the old Abbott's house, but had a nasty shock in store while carrying out renovations...the house was haunted by the spirits of the Abbey. Aubrey calls in the help of two ghost-hunting investigators, and also invites any interested locals, for a weekend of Ghost Hunting.

Aubrey and the intrepid gang of supernatural detectives get more than they bargained for when one of the guests, Amber Moller, turns up dead in the hallway.

Did Amber, the local District Nurse, fall prey to spirits from the other side?

All the characters in this mystery can be played by male or female players

Complete Character List

Listing for maximum number of players. Smaller games do not include all characters.


Aubrey Smyth

New owner of the haunted house in the grounds of the ruined Myddlemoor Abbey. Dressed in evening wear as the host.

Robin Abbott

Eager assistant to Bibi. Covered in bags, pouches and a utility belt, Robin has everything to hand that Bibi might ask for.

Noel McKenna

A Reporter from the Myddlemoor Gazette. Ready for all weathers in a mac and hat and always carrying their trusty notepad.

Morgan Hunter

Lindsay's sibling copies everything Lindsay does. Morgan is dressed for a party, not sitting around in the dark.

Lindsay Hunter

One of the grown-up children from a local farm. Dressed less for ghost-hunting and more for a party.

Francis Bishop

The Warden of Myddlemoor Church. Always dresses in black so is sometimes mistaken for the Vicar.

Drew Plowright

Drew is one of the workers from "Marigold Farm". Drew came straight from work so is dressed in overalls or dungarees.

Cary Clark

Keen investigator from the Psychic Science Laboratory. Tries too hard to look the part, and ends up looking like they're on safari.

Brice Braby

Known as Bibi, Brice is an experienced ghost-hunter working for the Psychical Research Society. Very scruffy and ready to crawl around dark corners.

Wallace Thatcher

Head of the Psychic Science Laboratory and Cary Clark's boss. Wallace is always dressed in a lab coat and making notes wherever they are.


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Main Course

London Pie

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3 tbsp tomato puree
6 tbsp beef stock
1kg (2lb) potatoes
75g (3oz) butter
6 tbsp milk
75g (3oz) cheddar cheese, grated
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Treacle Tart

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1 medium egg, lightly beaten

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How To Play A Dinner Party Murder Mystery

Our dinner party games are designed to be played by the combination of players listed on the game. Some require a specific number of male and female players, some have interchangeable players. When considering what game to buy you should think about who you want to play with you. If you want you can also add the 'Inspector' character as a player as there are scripts provided for this person as well.

Once you have chosen a game, simply click to buy it and then download.

What Is Included In Your Download

Your download should include a ZIP file with which once un-zipped you should have the following folders and files.

  • Character Scripts
  • Inspector Script
  • Inspector Audio Files
  • Instructions
  • Timetable
  • Invitation
  • Specific Suggestions For This Game – including menu ideas and recipes

How To Use The Game

Produce Invitations

Within the files downloaded is the 'Invitation' for you to print out and send to your guests. The invitation is double sided giving the information need for those participating in the game before they arrive. Once printed all you need to do is put the guests name on the front, and indicate which character they are playing, that way if they choose to dress up for the event they know what to look out for in the way of costume. (Please be aware that this file shows the invitation in Landscape view – you need to adjust your print settings accordingly).

Character Sheets

The Character Script pages are designed for double side printing, and should be printed then folded. If your printer does not have the facility to double side print, just print the 'even' pages and this will give your what you need, fold these in half and write the character name and round number on each.

The Inspector

The Inspectors Script is contained in its own folder and should be printed out and folded as the Character Scripts.

Inside the Inspector folder is another called Audio which contains MP3's for use during the game. The audio is the same as the printed script of the Inspector giving details at each stage of the game.

The Solution

This is the last printed and audio file.

It is always worth having this script handy, even if using the video or audio files, you never know when there might be a power cut!

The solution should also be printed and folded and we recommend putting a paper clip over the loose edges of this one so that it does not inadvertently come open for anyone to read.

Making The Most Of Your Theme

Where and how you run your game can make a real difference to its feel. Think about the game – is it appropriate to sit around a table, or would a lounge be more conducive. If you are round a camp fire would it be better to have the chairs in a circle? Would a poster over the window help the setting i.e. snow covered mountains if you are in a ski lodge. Small alterations to your home or setting can make all the difference to the game.

Specific Suggestions For Each Game

Just in case you are at a loss we have provided a suggested menu for each game. Don't be rigid about the meal, it should be easy to produce and serve during the course of the game, so go with what you are comfortable with. Now is not the time to try new recipes (unless you know you can pull them off), go with something tried and tested. You are meant to enjoy the game as well as your guests.

Player Reviews

Thoroughly entertaining evening with interesting characters and a fantastic menu. Kept us guessing until the very end. Bring on the next one!!
- Amanda
A spooky story of ghost hunting with lots of possible murderers leading to lots of brain teasing, with an eleventh hour surprise! Very enjoyable evening! Much more at Myddlemoor please!
- Jules