Checked Out At The Imperial

Checked Out At The Imperial

  • Players: 6-8
  • Theme: Blackmail, Corporate, Industrial Espionage
  • Type: Dinner Party Games
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Al Mascarpone and Lotta Rooms have been rivals ever since Al opened up the Imperial Hotel just down the road from the Grand Hotel. Now Al is looking to sell the hotel to Lotta and negotiations are almost complete. Things go awry when the hotel's Headline singer, Kat O'Wail is found dead in her bath. The singer that worked as the support act for Kat, Wanda Limelight, is asked to join the meeting by the police. As the police search for clues, the staff try to find the killer!

Complete Character List

Listing for maximum number of players. Smaller games do not include all characters.


Al Mascarpone

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The owner of the Imperial Hotel. A self-made man with a shady background. Dresses in smart suits and lots of jewellery. He oozes charm and money.

Ivor Torch

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The Night Manager and henchman of Al Mascarpone. He dresses in dark suits, dark hats and dark glasses, even when indoors or at night.

Lotta Rooms

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The owner of the rival Grand Hotel. Lotta was born into the world of hotels. She is smart, confident, and has an air of superiority.

Wanda Limelight

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Wanda is the support act for the Headline singer Kat O'Wail. She always makes sure she looks glamorous in case she gets spotted by a talent scout.

Ali Pots

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The Sous Chef at the Imperial Hotel, which means they are second-in-command of the kitchen. Very ambitious but held back by the Head Chef.

Dusty Bin

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The Head Housekeeper at the Imperial Hotel and in charge of the chamber-maids and making sure every room is perfect for the guests. Dresses smartly, but always has a duster and polish on hand, just in case.

Blair Out

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The Audio/Visual Tech and DJ at the Imperial Hotel. Blair controls the sound and lighting for all the cabarets at the hotel and the occasional disco. Always dresses in a tracksuit, backwards baseball cap and chains.

Casey Wine

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The Banqueting Manager at the Imperial. Casey runs the function room but often has to help the waiters when events are being held. Dresses like a waiter but with a briefcase and a tray, just in case.

As the game is set in a 'Morning Meeting' for a hotel it seems appropriate that the menu should reflect the time of day. How about a 'Breakfast Buffet'?


Breakfast Buffet

Sliced cold meat and cheese,
Fruit (sliced melon and pineapple, strawberries)
Warm rolls

Main Course

Full English Breakfast

Fried potatoes or hash browns,
Scrambled egg,
Anything else you would include in a breakfast


Danish Pastries

250g strong white flour, plus extra for dusting
250g plain flour
7g sachet fast-action yeast
50g golden caster sugar
150ml whole or semi-skimmed milk
1 large egg, beaten plus extra beaten egg to glaze
250g pack lightly salted butter, not fridge cold but not soft, cut into 8 even slices

For the pecan pinwheels (makes 18)
85g pecans, plus a few extra, chopped
50g light muscovado sugar, plus extra for sprinkling
1 tbsp maple syrup
25g softened butter

For the apricot custard turnovers (makes 18)
150g tub custard
2 x 320g cans apricots
few tsps apricot jam

For the raisin swirls (makes 18)
50g raisins
25g caster sugar
1 tsp mixed spice
50g soft butter
50g icing sugar

1. Pulse together the dry ingredients plus 2 tsp salt in a processor, then pulse in the milk and egg until you have a smooth, slightly sticky dough. Knead for 1 min, using a little flour, until just smooth. Put into an oiled bowl, cover with oiled cling film and leave to rise in a warm place for 1 hr until doubled in size (overnight in the fridge if you like).
2. Flour your surface, then pat the dough out to a rectangle, 1cm thick. Lay the butter slices out over the middle of the dough, in a rectangle. Fold the pastry over the top, bottom and then sides until the butter is completely hidden. Press the edges down.
3. Roll the dough out to a 50 x 30cm rectangle, first tapping out the dough with the rolling pin in gentle ridges, so that you can tell the butter is being squashed out evenly inside the pastry, before rolling properly. Turn dough 90 degrees, then fold the right third over and the left third over that.
Do this three times, chilling for 15 mins after each roll.
4. Cut the dough in half, into 2 squares. Roll one piece of dough to 35 x 35cm. Cut into 9 squares, then follow the instructions below for each filling and shape. If you want to make more than one shape, it's easy to divide the filling quantity. Don't worry if your squares rise as you work, just roll them out a bit again.
5. To make 18 pecan pinwheels, whizz 85g pecans until fine, then stir in 50g light muscovado, 1 tbsp maple syrup and 25g softened butter. Cut each square of pastry almost to the middle from each corner, spoon on 1 tsp filling, then fold each point over and press into the middle. Scatter more chopped pecans and a little sugar over before baking. Drizzle with a little maple syrup to serve.
6. For 18 apricot custard turnovers, you will need 150g tub custard, 2 x 320g cans apricots and a few tsps apricot jam. Put 2 tsp custard in the middle, sit two apricot halves on top, dot with jam, then pull 2 corners over and pinch to seal.
7. To make 18 raisin swirls, mix 50g raisins, 25g caster sugar, 1 tsp mixed spice and 50g soft butter. Instead of cutting the dough into 9, leave it whole and spread the filling over. Roll up, slice into 9 rounds, then squash each one. Blend 50g icing sugar and a few drops of water to drizzle over once baked.
8. Once shaped and filled, let the pastries rise for 30 mins until puffed and doubled in size. Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Brush with beaten egg, make sure you pinch any edges together again, then bake for about 20 mins until golden and risen.

How To Play A Dinner Party Murder Mystery

Our dinner party games are designed to be played by the combination of players listed on the game. Some require a specific number of male and female players, some have interchangeable players. When considering what game to buy you should think about who you want to play with you. If you want you can also add the 'Inspector' character as a player as there are scripts provided for this person as well.

Once you have chosen a game, simply click to buy it and then download.

What Is Included In Your Download

Your download should include a ZIP file with which once un-zipped you should have the following folders and files.

  • Character Scripts
  • Inspector Script
  • Inspector Audio Files
  • Instructions
  • Timetable
  • Invitation
  • Specific Suggestions For This Game – including menu ideas and recipes

How To Use The Game

Produce Invitations

Within the files downloaded is the 'Invitation' for you to print out and send to your guests. The invitation is double sided giving the information need for those participating in the game before they arrive. Once printed all you need to do is put the guests name on the front, and indicate which character they are playing, that way if they choose to dress up for the event they know what to look out for in the way of costume. (Please be aware that this file shows the invitation in Landscape view – you need to adjust your print settings accordingly).

Character Sheets

The Character Script pages are designed for double side printing, and should be printed then folded. If your printer does not have the facility to double side print, just print the 'even' pages and this will give your what you need, fold these in half and write the character name and round number on each.

The Inspector

The Inspectors Script is contained in its own folder and should be printed out and folded as the Character Scripts.

Inside the Inspector folder is another called Audio which contains MP3's for use during the game. The audio is the same as the printed script of the Inspector giving details at each stage of the game.

The Solution

This is the last printed and audio file.

It is always worth having this script handy, even if using the video or audio files, you never know when there might be a power cut!

The solution should also be printed and folded and we recommend putting a paper clip over the loose edges of this one so that it does not inadvertently come open for anyone to read.

Making The Most Of Your Theme

Where and how you run your game can make a real difference to its feel. Think about the game – is it appropriate to sit around a table, or would a lounge be more conducive. If you are round a camp fire would it be better to have the chairs in a circle? Would a poster over the window help the setting i.e. snow covered mountains if you are in a ski lodge. Small alterations to your home or setting can make all the difference to the game.

Specific Suggestions For Each Game

Just in case you are at a loss we have provided a suggested menu for each game. Don't be rigid about the meal, it should be easy to produce and serve during the course of the game, so go with what you are comfortable with. Now is not the time to try new recipes (unless you know you can pull them off), go with something tried and tested. You are meant to enjoy the game as well as your guests.

Player Reviews

This is the first game our dinner party group has played from this company and we were very impressed. Everything was very precise and easy to follow. Will certainly be trying them again.
- Diana
Great fun to play. The players parts gave scope for great individual characterisation where the guests dress up - some outragously - to give a real feel of being lost within the plot.
- Bob